anghara (anghara) wrote,

Here's something to put in your calendars -

- I did a REALLY COMPREHENSIVE interview (and I mean that, there's almost 7000 words total here!) which is going to run as a five-parter across a ring of blogs in a couple of weeks' time - just around the time of Norwescon, in fact, so for those of you who want to read a little bit of my stuff every day while I'm busy with a con this is absolutely perfect timing. Here's the details - keep them handy:

Part 1 on Terri Bruce's site on Wednesday, April 4th

Part 2 on T.W. Fendley's site on Thursday, April 5th

Part 3 on E.M. LaBonte's site on Friday, April 6th

Part 4 on Sandra Ulbrich's site on Monday, April 7th

Part 5 on Dean Rich's site on Tuesday, April 8th

So, there you go. These five lovely people asked all sorts of questions, and I, as usual, answered in detail. Mosey on by and take a look when the whole thing is live...
Tags: a bit of self promotion

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