anghara (anghara) wrote,

Just to round off Valentine's Day...

...well, for ME, anyway, and apologies to the Antipodeans or even US East Coasters who are So over it already - but I only just tripped over Theodora Goss's favourite fantasy romances in her blog (she has Tristan and Iseult, Aragaorn and Arwen, but also some less obvious ones which I rather liked as an inclusion - go read) and I started thinking about the love stories that I have put into my own novels. The ones that stand out, for me, are

1) Anghara and Kieran (from the "Hidden Queen"/"Changer of Days" duology - Anghara, my own online name and identity for as long as I've been on the Net, has always had a soft spot in my heart, and she and Kieran were my first pair of Real Lovers. There are things I would probably write differently, if I were writing these books now - but one thing stands - how do you NOT know the depth of a love that has one lover freely taking on the burden of carrying the other's soul until she is ready to take it back?

2)Sar and Iorn, from "Dreamshare" - a story which has only just made its appearance in print in the brand-new Absolute Visions anthology. It's a story of an unshakeable love, of trust and betrayal and forgiveness. It's a story of not only love NOT meaning "never having to say you're sorry", as the hoary old chestnut from the 1970s weepie "Love Story" had it but of its true meaning being something that that you can return to even after things you can never begin to apologise for. It's understanding that sometimes there is nothing left but to be sorry - and yet there is somebody in this world who will love you still. Again. Anyway.

3)Amais and Iloh in "Embers of Heaven" - my own take on the Starcrossed Lovers theme. Two people so obviously fated to be together. Two people whom their world and every choice they have ever made within it conspire to keep apart. Oh, they killed me, these two.

4) Quincey and Dorotea in "Midnight at Spanish Gardens". It is one of my most poignant and passionate relationships, so dangerous, so inevitable, so writetn in the stars. I loved these two characters - I loved writing about them, and I love the idea that there is an unknown future in which everything might yet be possible for the two of them...

5)Simonis and Maxentius. As yet unpublished, a historical fantasy based on the familiar tale of the historical Justinian and Theodora (although my lovers have their own... particular take on the situation). Some day, perhaps, you'll all get to read it. Someday soon, Gods willing.

So - if you've read some of these, which one would you call the ultimate love story that I've spun for you? Or do you have your own, something I haven't mentioned here?

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