anghara (anghara) wrote,

You want to play cards...?

Radcon is looming, and the publisher of "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" is going to be there as a Small Press GoH. She'll have her own special quarters at the con hotel, so do visit the Small Press Room if you're going to be there - she's planning discussions, readings, all sorts of fun stuff, and of course there will be BOOKS.

So I've a game of my own. I'll run it twice - the first time on Friday afternoon from 2 - 4 PM at the Small Press Room - come find me, and tell me you want to play cards! The second time, come and talk to me at the Saturday lunch-as-book-signing thing in the Ballroom.

What you'll have to do is

Here's the game.

I'll have a "2012 Tarot of Ascenscion" deck with me. I"ll have the Major Arcana ready. You - all you have to do is come at me with a copy of "2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens", and you have to cut the Majro Arcana mini-deck, and then pick a card. if you pick any one of these five cards

you're a winner - with the Emperor, the Chariot, Judgment or Death you get your book at 50% off. You find the Fool... your copy of "Spanish Gardens" gets to be free. Your odds are pretty good, actually - and on the Saturday draw, there will be Extra! Special! Mystery! Prizes! if you happen to win the game. I may even do One Card Draw readings for a little while, who knows...

So. Come pick the right card, and play the 2012 Game...

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