anghara (anghara) wrote,

New anthology out - with my story in it...

"Absolute Visions", an anthology of stories produced by members of the Absolute Write community (and by this I mean literally produced by - written by, edited by, art by, anything else you can thing of - it was all done by AW folk...), is now out. Various electronic versions, I am told, will be available for order here, but you can order your dead-tree cooy now at Amazon, here.

My story in it is called "Dreamshare", and it was written at white heat - begun at the tail end of an East Coast convention I was at, just as the thing was winding down, finished on the plane on my way home, and pretty much the final polished version done by the time I landed. It is a story of which I am strangely fond - it's kind of eerie, and sad, and it's about things like loyalty, and addiction, and forgiveness. It has been called salt-soaked, in brine and in tears. I am very happy it has a home.

Go on, go snag a copy of the antho. Then come back and tell me what you thought of the story.

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