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A reader reviews "Spanish Gardens" at Goodreads

Money quote:
"Now, the above is what might seem predictable, perhaps a wee bit Charles deLintian (yes, CdL, I've coined an adjective in your honour). However, what makes the novel original and entirely non-derivative is Alexander's prose: her description and characterisation. I found myself at home at the Spanish Gardens immediately, and I found myself at home with the five friends as well. ..... I feared [the characters] might be fairly stock and not at all well rounded, but Alexander surprised me. I found myself so intrigued by them that I had a difficult time putting down the book late at night, and I wanted to return to it the next day. Alexander has one twist, in particular, that surprised even cynical me, which makes me rate her writing highly.

Four or five stars? Initially, I was going to go with four; however, the more I think about it, the more I really did enjoy this book and how it allowed me to escape my mundane life for a bit. Five stars it is."

The whole review is here

Happy author is happy.

(read more reviews - or buy the book and write your own review - right here...)

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