anghara (anghara) wrote,

Aaaaaand my turn - check out my Person-as-Place guest blog...

And Mary Victoria has kind things to say, too. So, you can read the full post here

Here's a teaser:

"Some places simply have magic. Some don’t.

It’s an alchemy of geography and of worldbuilding, sometimes separately, sometimes in tandem. In fiction, it’s the places you as the author build up in the reader’s mind and imagination that are so essential to a story’s identity and sense of self – and while it frequently depends on places that have had some kind of intense personal meaning for you yourself, it may not always be so.

There is a thin line between what works, and what doesn’t – and the line is not (alas for aspiring authors who want Rules To Follow) necessarily always drawn in the same place."

Go, read the rest. Enjoy.

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