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I heard this gentle THUD - a gentler thud than usually oocasioned by our grey squirrels, this was not the sort of thud made by a falling solid compact body landing on all four feet, but it was still the sound of something fairly substantial landing out on the deck. And so I looked out - and there he was sitting on the railing, a handsome fellow, hooked beak, talons and all, a long tail with black bands on it - I am not at all certain, but it might have been one of these fellows:

He sat there for a minute or two, looking around, looking properly hawkish and aristocratic and making little hawky noises, small raptor cries that were coming out fo that hooked beak... needless to say my camera was elsewhere entirely, but HOLY COW he was gorgeous and he was sitting there not three feet away from me, in all his raptorish magnificence. My day, she is sort of made {big goofy grin]
Tags: wildlife report

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