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A Behind-the-scenes with Kyle Cassidy: Top Sekret No Longer!

Originally posted by kylecassidy at Top Sekret No Longer!
Last week I did the cover for Alma Alexander's new short story collection Weight of Worlds (the Kindle version is $2.99 on Amazon right now). This was months in the making and I'm glad it's come together. The titular story, "Weight of Worlds", is about a young man, balanced precariously on the edge of fortune and folly who learns of a strange legacy left to him by his dying grandfather. Alma had initially asked for a cover that showed a group of seven marbles suspended in space, which we did (it's behind the cut), but after reading the story I became convinced that the thing to show was the main character at a critical time, so I did a second cover with model Joshua Taylor which I'm bang up happy with. The overlaying texture, if you're curious, is a detail from a scan of the Shroud of Turin which I used only because I think it's cool to say it's a detail from a scan of the Shroud of Turin.

Clickenzee to go to the Amazon page

There are three other versions, behind the scenes stuff and some technical "how to" photo info

This was an earlier version which I liked the framing of, but ultimately I didn't think it focused enough on the little spinning worlds. We shot this under the El in Philadelphia -- I wanted a mysteriously semi-urban background and I alternate between train trestles and some buildings and a field behind a chain link fence. Ultimately, the building and it's own particular fence won.

I lit it with a small Easybox softbox and an sb800 flash triggered by a set of pocket wizards. I used a 28-200 Nikon Zoom usually at somewhere between 35mm and 50mm.

This was the first cover. I still like it a lot.

Roswell makes friends with the model because Roswell always makes friends with the model.

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