anghara (anghara) wrote,

'tis the season (for nominations...)

As at least one LJ friend and colleagues hath done, well, 'tis the season, as it were.

And since all the cool kids are doing it....

It's Hugo (AND Nebula) Nominating Season. If you attended WorldCon in 2011 or have a membership for 2012 (Chicago) or 2013 (Austin) you can nominate for hte Hugos; SFWA members can nominate for the Nebs.
Full Hugo rules here:

Well, I did publish a few things in 2011.

Short Stories:

"Weight of Worlds" in "Edge of Propinquity"
"Color" in the anthology "Human tales" (Dark Quest Books)
"Iron and Brass, Blood and Bone" in the anthology "In an Iron Cage"
"The Butterfly Collection of Miss Letitia Willoughby Forbes" in Fantastique Unfettered #4

I've also sold two other stories, and am waiting for news on two more submissions, but they won't appear for a few weeks or months yet which techncially makes them 2012 vintage and more about that anon; but these are the current offerings that I've got out as short fiction. They may or may not be easily available online - but if anybody who is in a position to nominate them is interested in taking a closer look ping me and we can talk about a reading copy...

In my OWN opinion the likeliest of these is probably "Iron and Brass, Blood and Bone", but I am also immensely fond of "Weight of Worlds"...

I would also like to bring to your attention the "River" anthology, which contains some kick-ass stories by friends and colleagues - and I, as the editor who collected these stories for this antho, am not really in a position to nominate any of them. Please do take a closer look, though. There are several stories in this book that could give ANY Hugo or Neb contender a run for its money. It's early days, but you might also consider the antho for the World Fantasy award - just go take another look at the Map of Contents again...

I've also got a new novel, "Midnight at Spanish Gardens", which already has a nomination or two under its belt...

Thank you for your consideration.

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