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End of year meme...

The classic "first lines of first post of every month of 2011" meme. I confess, a couple of these were cheats - because the first post was a video, or just a straight link to someplace, and I did want a LITTLE bit of context. But shall we just say that these were the first lines of the COHERENT VERBAL posts of the relevant months of this year...?

(and it seemed to start not so well...)

January - "We started it with a "under the kitchen sink" floodlet, so practically the first person to walk into our house in the new year was a plumber."

February - "Seven and a half years ago my husband had a major stroke." (all about healthcare...)

March - "Con crud, anyone...?" (post-Radcon blues...)

April - "Write Hope is a site where writerly folk can donate goods or services for bidding, proceeds to go to help Japan with the aftermath of its catastrophic March." (feeling charitable towards the less fortunate...)

May - "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you for your reading pleasure... a guest post (and a new edition of a good book)" - guest post by Joshua Palmatier/Benjamin tate on his new novel 'Well of Sorrows')

June - " “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.” " (okay, cheting - I did two posts on this day. This first line is just so much BETTER, even it it is quoted and borrowed - and this is in intro to one of my Veil Between Worlds posts, which were pretty good stuff...)

July - "Once upon a time (as all good stories start) there was a young girl who could fly." (more Veil Between Worlds goodness...)

August - "I'm still giggling." (cheating again. the real first lines of the first two real posts in august make NO sense out of context... [grin])

September - "We have the Hairy Woodpecker couple. We have the Downy Woodpecker couple." (and today we got our first Pileated Woodpecker visitor!)

October - "... as in, distinctly odd..." (The title of the post being, "What a writer's world looks like...")

November - "Lynda Williams has been hosting a series of guest blog posts by visiting writers on teh subject of ethics in SF - my own contribution is here..." (you'll have to go back to the original for the link.)

December - "Take a look at this here little chart." (well go on, go back and do it...)

How was your 2011?...
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