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Countdown to Christmas - December 23 End-of-YEar Stories...

Well, it's like this. I'm ending the year on a high note, as it were, with no less than TWO short stories about to appear out there before the end of the year (if not precisely before Christmas) for your reading pleasure.

The first is part of an anthology which has been put together by a team from that awesome writers and authors website, Absolute Write. It is going to be called "Absolute Visions" (yes, that's a nod to the more Dangerous Visions of the past [grin]) and you can see the cover art, at least, here - the contributors have been told that the whole thing is reallytruly IMMINENT, and that it will be available for purchase at all your usual suspects. My story in it, "Dreamshare", was written in a lucid rush, started at the tail end of one year's Lunacon convention in Ryebrook NY and completed in the time it took me to fly across the country from New York to home. It was a story I have always been almost awed by, because it came to me so WHOLE, so PERFECT, that it barely needed any tweaks or rewrites, it just had legs and it stood on them. Balanced. Poised. Stained by brine and by tears. I love it, and I couldn't be happier that it has found a home. Please do consider keeping an eye out for 'Absolute Visions', once it does become available, and I would LOVE to hear back what you thought of the story, if you do...

The second, The Butterfly Collection of Miss Letitia Willoughby Forbes", will appear shortly in issue #4 of Fantastique Unfettered" - which actually has a release date of Christmas Day, but can be preordered at Amazon right now. Let me just say that it's a story of an ageing Sleeping Beauty who lives in a house behind a tall hedge which is nourished and fertilised by the remains of those who manage to penetrate far enough within... to be prey for Beauty's rather steampunky clockwork vampire butterflies. Yes, it's that weird. Yes, go check it out. No, I take no responsibility for what might visit you in your dreams after you've read it.

Bear in mind, those of you who read this who might be in a position to think about this, that these are both stories which are eligible for the Nebulas, in due time. and if you're a SFWA member and want to take a closer look email me and we can talk about a reading copy...

In the meantime... tomorrow is Christmas Eve... Christmas is coming...

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