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Countdown to Christmas - December 22 Take me to the River

So, then - it was one of those PERFECT DAYS. Bright and sunny, crisp and cold; overnight temps were in the upper 20s (F) and by the time we took to the road everything was still frosted and sparkling in that brittle winter sunshine that you get as a gift in the deep dark days of December.

The reason we went? We went in search of THESE GUYS:

We found one. ONE. That one sitting in the tree. The reason might be that down in the river below a team of fishermen standing up to their waists in the freezing water were manhandling a fishing net teeming with catch. I presume salmon, I don't really know, that's what the eagles gather here for, anyway - and that was definitely what that lone eagle in the tree was waiting for. For the fishermen to clear the hell out so that he could go in and find a nice little fishie of his own. Dammit.

But anyway.

Now that I've got you here, let me [clearing throat significantly] MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an anthology.

This little gem:

The list of writers whose stories you will find in this book is also a list of people whom I am privileged to call colleagues, and indeed friends. They include people with novel length works to their name (Brenda Cooper, Irene Radford, Jay Lake, Seanan McGuire, Joshua Palmatier, Tiffany Trent, Mary Victoria) and people whose oeuvre has largely been confined to shorter fiction so far (Nisi Shawl, Deb Taber, Keffy Kehrli, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Joyce Reynolds Ward, Jacey Bedford). Between them they have been nominated for or have won almost every award in the business, from Writers of the Future to the Hugos. They are all very much storytellers who have put their names on the map.

And speaking of maps, there is one thing that makes this book very very special.

It doesn't have a table of contents.


How cool is

The book is now available for ordering at the publisher's website, HERE - and is imminently going to become available as an ebook on Smashwords and on Amazon, if your tastes run to instant gratification.

Seriously, people. This is one gem of a collection. If you've ever known a river, dreamed beside one, ever walked beside one... ever loved one... run and get this collection of tales. It isn't just because I had the privilege of being its editor. I've read enough in the genre to know that this one... is a keeper. If you're worried that it won't arrive in time to be wrapped and put underneath the tree as an actual package to be opened on Christmas morning, order it now anyway, print out the cover, write "RIVER IS COMING!" on the back of the printout, and stick it as a promissory gift in the stocking of anyone you love very very much.

I am so very proud of this little book, and so very very grateful for all the joy and commitment that all of my authors have brought to this child of my heart. I commend it to you, now. Go, read. And may all the rivers you cross know your name.

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