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Countdown to Christmas - December 21

Four more sleeps and Santa is here. And only a handful of days after THAT, this year is history. Yikes. Thst'a just... scary.

We may be dreaming of a white Christmas but the best our weather forecast appears to be capable of at the moment is freezing rain, and even that sometime next week. It'll be cold, but alas, no snow in sight. I suppose come deep dark January when everything turns on us and a large snow dump mires us in our house for a week (it's happened before!) we'll remember these cool dry days and sigh for them. But whatever the weather, it's really starting to look a lot like Christmas...

During this year I had a few writerly offerings out there. I'll tell you about them, spread out over several days, until Christmas Eve - perhaps one or two might catch your eye - Santa's gonna be plenty busy in the next couple of days, you might give a helping hand with an extra stocking stuffer...

Starting with my Triads project, then.

This was the year I launched into a long-term ebook project, the Alexander Triads, mini-collections of three stories per ebook on a common theme. The first two have been out for a while - "Once upon a Fairy Tale" ([Smashwords] [Amazon]) is a re-issue of the very first book I ever had published, the one that gave me the idea for this whole project, a collection of three very Oscar Wilde-ian fairy tales that originally went by the title "Dolphin's Daughter and other stories", published by an educational publisher in the UK back in the LAST CENTURY (wow, that sounds rather portentious). It had a pretty good run, as such books go - it went to NINE PRINTING RUNS, and more than a decade and a half after the fact it still occasionally brings in a trickle of royalties. But it had never before been published commercially, and never outside the UK, and an ebook re-issue of those three tales for a wider and very different audience seemed like a wonderful idea.

And then it snowballed, in that I had lots of other stories out there or just knocking around, and this sounded like a wonderful platform to showcase them. The next book in the Triads series, #2, was "Cat Tales" ([Smashwords] [Amazon]), a collection of three stories which somehow in some way shape or form featured cats. The ultimate writer's accessory, eh?... But these are my magical cats, and they walk among you. And let me just say that those amazing eyes on the cover, they belong to my own witchy cat. So this is very much a family project, as it were, with even the four-foots muscling into the action...

The third Triad, "Haunted", has just been released ([Smashwords] [Amazon]... and it's... ghost stories. Two of them have been published before; one has never been seen out in the wild before this particular publication. BRAND NEW, with some wonderful characters who crept in there when I wasn't looking.

There are six more Triads to come, on various different themes. These include a Science Fiction edition (the harder stuff), at least one with a little bit of a lean towards Romance, and more. You can subscribe to the whole series, or there's still time for this, if you're so inclined, with a prospect of a real honest-to-goodness actual paperback edition of a book which would contain the collected Triads. All of them.

So - there you go. The last few days. Soon soon soon it will be Christmas day...

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