anghara (anghara) wrote,

At con.

Some would say, enough said. Met up with lots of old friends, made some new, scintillating conversations were had, lots of coffee (and some wine) drunk, and it's only Friday night.

Just came off two well-attended and lively back-to-back panels, and then a third which was kind of odd because it wasn't in the program booklet but was on the list taped outside the room and it was scheduled against both the opening ceremonies and the Endeavour awards. I was a late add to this panel - on YA writing - AND I WAS THE ONLY PANELIST WHO TURNED UP. The two people in the audience and I had a lovely and intimate discussion on the matter and they told me they "learned from me" which was a win, no matter what. But that's a con for you - strange things that can happen inevitably will. Tomorrow somebody will undoubtedly turn up at the appointed time and be chagrinned that the panel they wanted was the day before while they were at the opening ceremonies (this is something that has always kind of confused me - many a con I've been at appears to schedule their opening ceremonies well after the panelling etc is under way and quite often you have this conundrum going on - the con has been open and running for HOURS before the "opening ceremonies" happen which makes them rather, um, moot, as it were, doesn't it...?

Anyway. Got a dinner appointment with a bunch of friends. Then bed. Then, tomorrow, I hit the ground running at 10 AM and I literally don't stop until 6 PM - panel after panel after panel after panel. I fully intend to end TOMORROW night - at yet another planned dinner with friends - with a glass of good wine while flaked out in a nice comfortable chair before the fireplace in the new restaurant at the hotel. I think I will have deserved it.

Well. Onwards. Out to the social whirl. More later when I get the chance (I am typing this on Joe Q Public computers in the business centre because they have free wifi and the hotel expects me to cough up damn near $13 per 24 hours usage to connect via my own laptop in the room and that just ain't gonna happen, folks. So - my internet access is spotty and infrequent this weekend. I'll live. Honest.

See y'all tomorrow. Maybe. Or Sunday. As computer availability and the mood takes me.

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