anghara (anghara) wrote,

Playing photographer

Went to Canada today, lunch at the little waterfront restaurant in White Rock where we always go - well, we haven't been for a while, but the owner actually remembered us, and asked how my book was going. That was kind of neat.

The day was utterly perfect, bright sunshine, all these snow covered mountains all over every horizon, I took the new camera out for an airing and snapped away happily at scenic driftwood and sun and sky and seagulls. Then we came back across the border at maybe half past three or so, and turned off to Semiahmoo where I've been threatening to take a camera for litrally years and never quite made it unti now. The time of day was perfect, the light was amazing, the driftwood was stupendous, but my camera battery was kinda low so I hope things turned out OK. I have the battery charging now, and when it's done I"ll download the new batch of pictures and if any turned out particularly spectacular I'll share [grin]

In the meantime, in ompletely unrelated news which simply fall into the "that is neat" department, I heard from a friend I'd kind of lost touch with over the last few years. She's just got a most FABULOUS new job. Some day soon I may tell you the tale of how she took me in search of the Perfect Mint Julep in Atlanta...

No writing today, obviously, haven't been near a computer all day - and tomorrow I do what I can do before I take off another day to go hobnob with the Clarion folks in Seattle on Saturday. After that, I really have to knuckle under and obey a few deadlines.

Okay. A few chores to do. Then maybe I can squeeze in a few hundred words' worth of work - I need to write a bridging scene which is bugging me profoundly because it won't come smoothly - but maybe I can learn from all that driftwood that fascinated me all day and call every bump and gnarl in that wretched scene a feature and not a bug...

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