anghara (anghara) wrote,

What a writer's world looks like...

... as in, distinctly odd...

There I was, working diligently at a scene of my latest WIP last night, and I eventually left it not-quite-finished... and I probably should have known that it would come back to haunt me. Off I went to bed, and after tossing and turning for a little while because my brain was full of Story and I couldn't get to sleep immediately, I eventually drifted off... and straight into the scene which I had abandoned.

Which, of course, this being Visual Media, had turned completely filmic on me. So I sat back and watched it play out to the end, listening to the conversation, taking mental notes. This morning, I sat down in front of the unfinished scene and I *transcribed my dream*.

And you know, it came out passably well, at that. Of course, being awake and alert and far more compos-mentis than I would have been in a dream fugue, it might even have come out BETTER than I had dreamt it - but the odd thing is that now I *absolutely know* what all these other characters look like, because, see, they were IN that scene and like I said it was visual. Not that it matters, because I am hardly likely to start inserting scenelets of people "catching sight of themselves" in convenient mirrors or plate glass windows, and rest assured, there isn't a "heart-shaped face" or a pair of "violet eyes" in the lot. (Although my Professor in the scene, with the obvious exception of the very pale eyes, looked... quite a bit like me, actually. And, um, she's definitely not quite the butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth goody two shoes, she's got potential of being quite magnificently Not Good in the long run, and she's delicious...)

Just goes to show. A writer doesn't take time off. Not even when sleeping.

And oh, in other news, my German "Hidden Queen" edition - four author copies of it, to be precise - came home to roost today. For some reason I had had it imy head that this was a mass-market paperback. It isn't. It's a full-size trade PB, and so solid that if you stand it on its spine it stays standing. And that's *just book one* of the duology. Wait until March, when book #2 comes home to roost. Aieeee. Running out of brag-shelf room, here (isn't that a lovely "problem", now...?) particularly given the fact that the Spanish edition - both the books in the duology published in a single volume - is due to be releeased in November. That one I can't wait to see, even if I have no idea how on earth I'll squash it onto my shelves...


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