anghara (anghara) wrote,

Okay, here's a game for you to play.

When I wrote "Midnight at Spanish Gardens" [Amazon] [Smashwords] I wrote about a real and remarkable place, a place that existed and was very special to myself and to thousands of other people over several generations of students at the University I attended.

There are other such places in the world, I know.

Somebody mentioned THIS one recently so I went to have a look - and it sounds like it's my beloved Spanish Gardens on steroids [grin].

So, here's the game, folks. Those links above there? They're for the ebook version of "Midngight at Spanish Gardens". You can go there right now and order a copy for your e-reader, whatever kind you've got, from Kindle on down through your Nooks and Kobos and Sonys and all else what's out there. That's there, that's yours, right now (and if you've got a copy and read it - an Amazon or B&Z review would be WONDERFUL...)


The paperback edition of this book is really and truly imminent, and coming SOOOOOOOON.

I intend to set two copies aside.

They will go, signed, to the people who share with me a story of a place which was THEIR Spanish Gardens, a special place they will always remember. I will be choosing the best entires from those received either at my LiveJournal blog or on Facebook (putting the same entry to both places does NOT increase your chances, but if you want to enter twice, with two DIFFERENT places, you are welcome to do that for the two different venues...) Winner will be announced as soon as I have physical copies of the book to send.

Start your engines. I look forward to reading your stories.
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