anghara (anghara) wrote,

Bought mousetraps...

Yeah, the catses kill them *eventually*. But the last two they kind of played with ad infinitum and Deck evicted both mice while still (technically) alive, and the very last one, just the other night, Boboko thought it would be very funny if he brought it upstairs - and released it in a cluttered living room with rugs, and workbaskets, and a piano, and all kinds of other nice hidey holes in things nice and soft and messy or too hard to move. We got rid of that one but JEEZ, my bedroom is just down the corridor, and ye gods I do not want mice running around in there. Pretty please with bells on.

So - I've got my favourite handyman coming in to deal with any possible gaps in walls - and we'll go around the house scrutinising baseboards with a magnifying glass, let me tell you, as well as any posibilities through fans or vents or anything like that. I've got a live trap set up downstairs. Beyond that, I don't know what to do, but I have to wind down from a constant adrenaline high and get some sleep or else I"ll be a zombie in less than a week.

rdeck is shaking his head at me and says that rodents have coezisted with humans for centuries. All I can say is, shredded books, chewed sweaters, the Black Death...

(this post was officially interrupted by a Five Minute Fuss by Boboko who insisted on climbing into my lap and cuddling and wouldn't take no for an answer...)


Mices have me all tied up in knots.

But I HAVE been writing. Watch for a new word count soon.

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