anghara (anghara) wrote,

More spam than usual filtering through...

1) if you want me to consider joining your "registry of distinguished women" you might try sending the message from an email address other than "" - I kid you not. Just deleted that one. With a giggle, to be sure, but off it went.

2) just what is it about wallet spam these days? It used to be (fake) Rolexes or (fake) Louis Vuitton or (fake) Gucci - and these I almost understand the reasoing behind although I have never coveted the REAL stuff hard enough to want to fake it with bad imitations. But... wallets? "Is your wallet letting you down", they ask. Sure it is. It could be stuffed far fuller of money than it is. But that isn't something that YOU can help me with.

[shaking head]

people are VERY STRANGE.

EDIT: I just had to delete a spam comment from this of all posts, offering me "hot girls". Do you think mentioning the word "Spam" alerts them and brings them circling, like a lantern would bring moths?...
Tags: spam idiots

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