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And the Spanish Gardens journey continues...

First of all, we have another guest blog post where the lovely and talented Tiffany Trent lets me speak on Questions of Character.

And, um, yeah. The first reviews are trickling in. First off, on Amazon, where I really truly would appreciate anybody who's read the book leaving their own thoughts at - but in the meantime you can take a gander at what others have said.

One reviewer is a little ambivalent, but nonetheless she (a) starts the review with a "what-if" anecdote of her own, which clearly indicates that the book triggered SOMETHING interesting, and (b) she pulls out lots of stuff that she likes about it, anyway, including the factoid that she thinks it might be interesting to a book club. Those of you in book clubs, take note - and if you pick the book, I will offer your club either a Skype chat if you've got the hardware/software set-up for it, or else an email Q&A that you can submit from the clubmembers and I'll be happy to provide the answers to anything you might want to know!

Best for last - you can't ask for better than this.

Onward, little book!
Tags: mini blog tour, spanish gardens

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