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Spocon recap

Here we are it's Sunday night and in a few hours I will be on my way back home again.

Couple of things about Spocon:

* Reading - went really well, with some old friends and some new faces. I read "Color", the story from the Human Tales anthology. People liked that. So much that a young member of the audience went straight out and bought a copy of one of my YA books. Which was pretty cool. I signed it for her later - I hope she has fun with it!

* Panel on Shakespearean Insults - turned into a cool little discussion on Shakespeare in general, use of language, how some things should be heard and not seen, and all like that. We ALL had fun - panelists and audience alike. Which is everything you could want from a convention panel.

* my other panels were on aspects of writing - and, well, get me talking about writing and I can pretty much keep a room entertained for hours. Which, with the help of my fellow panelists, I hope I did here. I certainly got a bunch of laughs where they were invited, I got a bunch of pertinent and interesting questions from the audience, and I got really good audience vibes from the other side of the table at panels. Enjoyed myself. Hope they did too.

* One of the best Green Rooms I've ever had the pleasure to be invited to.

* Had lunches, coffees, snacks, and general chats with a bunch of folks, connected with my Sky Warrior Books people and talked books, connected with a bunch of purely social folks and talked horses, stars, writing, conventions, dreams, in other words life the universe and everything.

* Had a good time.

A few hiccups on the logistics side, but ironed out - I just need to get to the train station on time tonight, and we're good. Did less writing than I had hoped to do but that's probably par for the course at a con - and there's always the six-and-a-half-hour train ride home (even though most of it is technically in the middle of the night...)We shall see how that goes.

EDIT: did I say ironed out...? Here we are on the eleventh floor. THE ELEVATORS AREN'T WORKING. Somebody says that there was a fire alarm but we never heard it - and, um, eleven flights of stairs? With luggage? Really? They'd better fix this within half an hour or we are going to have real problems...

EDIT 2: hooo boy. Elevators fixed. The train is going to be late, now. I won't be sleeping tonight, I don't think, much. I somehow do not think I will be repeating the train experience to Spokane - I should think it's driveable from home, and if I return in a season when the drive is doable I think I'll take the car next time...

See y'all when I've had a good night's sleep and have recovered from all of this... Onward, to the next con...
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