anghara (anghara) wrote,

Recap: Week One entries:

Guest Blog at Literary Handyman

Recap: Week Two entries:
I'm at Joshua Palmatier's blog

And there's a new interview up, too (which serves to teach me the value of Always Being Polite At Booksignings... [grin])

And another guest blog, this time over at Glenda Larke's place

Another guest blog, this time hosted by the lovely and talented Kari Sperring


You can go take a gander at the current Storytellers Unplugged blog post - it's a summary of sorts but there's also an extra offering there, too, if you want to swing past.

New Interview up at the Book Wenches site

There's at least one more guest blog coming up, too, soon - and the possibility of another interview (awaiting the questions as we speak) (I'll post news as it happens!)

I've also heard whispers of a couple of reviews that are coming up and they seem to be, um, positive...

THe book's scheduled release date is August 1 - i.e. tomorrow - and it should go live on its ordering sites then. Should anybody who's read it feel like posting an Amazon review when the book goes up (I'll post a link...) that would be GREATLY appreciated!

And once again - watch this space!

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