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"You Might Not Have Discovered This Writer"

sartorias suggested that she at least might be one of the people who might be interested in reading a list of this ilk, as opposed to "This Is A List of All The Popular Kids" which keeps on circulating in blogland. So, then. How about I start the ball rolling, right here?

What is the best book you've read recently (or the best book you've read NOT so recently) by a writer whose name does not immediately start ringing bells?

One of the people who started this discussion, beth_bernobich, has put up a blog post which puts forth her (enviable) writing credentials and is pretty much a holler of "hey! Over here!" So she headlines this list, right here. I think that perhaps fewer people that I might like would have put ME forward for such a list, so I shall shamelessly add my own name to it. I might also add the name of Andrea Hairston, who I think is basically very well known in some circles and not at all in others and who deserves a wider audience.

So, then. Let's make it a game. Pick this up, add a name, pass it on. Let's have a list of folks whom you think need to have a wider audience. That's three names you have right there - Beth Bernobich, Alma Alexander, Andrea Hairston. Over to you. Let the list grow. Repost. Retweet. Let's see how many writers are out there whose books and stories you've read, and you think other people might WANT to read...

AND IT BEGINS: more here
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