anghara (anghara) wrote,

EEEeeee! New Bird!

Came into the dining room from which the feeder is visible and one of THESE guys was there:

(No, that isn't one of my photos - but I *DID* take a couple because the critter posed ever so obligingly for me. Only trouble is, they're going to be grainy shots at best - it's a miserable dark cloudy damp day and the light was failing anyway in the shadow of the trees and I had to shoot with a very high ISO in very low light. But I got a shot of him sitting there with his little beak open at me - I think this has to be a young bird, virtually a hatchling, it's still fuzzy on the breast - if I knew how to feed him, I would...

Will upload the pics soon and if any are good enough to share, I will - but I just wanted to share - we have a Bullock's Oriole on our birdfeeder! Pretty pretty pretty!
Tags: wildlife report

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