anghara (anghara) wrote,

For anyone who's noticed I've been AWOL...

...that's because my computer's had a TBT procedure this weekend. That's a Total Brain Transplant. My workhorse machine made the folks down at the computer shop scratch their heads in stupefaction - it's between eight and ten years old, and although it's been valiant this last week it finally tossed its cookies - I did an hour or more of editing on a short story and hit save and the computer dutifully said, oh, sure, and then ATE THE ENTIRE FILE. Out into the ether it went. It had a ghost of itself on the machine but it wouldn't open, or recognise its own name, and then it too disappeared. Well I wailed and whined and whimpered - OMIGOD changing computers changing OS's, chaging EEEEEEEEVERYTHING heeeeeelp - but it was clear that the state of affairs could not be permitted to continue. Trouble was that the old machine had an OS that was two generations old (XP) and the new machine naturally runs Windows 7 so most of my old programs don't want to know about the new monster because they're too busy yelling at it to get off their lawns and the new monster is going, what? play nicely with those dinosaurs? not bloody likely - which means that I'm running as fast as I can to keep up and get everything back up and runnning if I can. The transfer has cost me ALL my stored passwords which means I can't turn around in cyberspace any more without copious headscratching going on (WHICH site? WHICH password? WHICH freaking username?) and my old passwords are still stored on the old computer but that means going back to dredge for them and aaaargh. Anyway, if anybody has sent me anything urgent in the past few days the odds are I might have missed it entirely so if you feel it's urgent enough please re-send...

Yours in frazzlement,


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