anghara (anghara) wrote,

New Venture!

Here's something new that I am doing.

Several e-collections of short stories are in process of being put together - they are called the Alexander Triads, and they will consist of three stories per themed package. The first collection, already available at Smashwords, is called "Once upon a Fairy Tale" and contains the three fairy tales which were the first book I ever had published as a professional writer. Other themed triads, in preparation, will be released as they become ready.

Have an e-reader? Want to read Alma Alexander stories? You can SUBSCRIBE TO THE ENTIRE SERIES - and get them first, before anyone else sees them. More, subscribers will get one entire Triad - that's three short stories - as a perk of membership. This Reward Triad will not be made available to the public - it is the author's thank you for subscribing to the series.

Each themed collection of three short stories comes complete with a foreword which sets the stage for the stories in that collection, and an individual introduction to every story telling you about their origins and the inspiration behind them.

Go to Smashwords, here, and download a sample of "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" if you would like a glimpse of what's on offer. Then come back here and click the "Subscribe" button if you want to get the rest of the stories, before anyone else gets a glimpse of them. The stories consist of previously published material (which you may not have had a chance to see before) but also NEW stories, things that have not been published before. Upcoming themes include "Haunted" (ghost stories), "Cat Tales" (cats, of course, but in three VERY different stories), "Out of This World" (Science Fiction), and MORE! Subscribers will receive an email newsletter which will announce the release of each new collection, plus other material which will only be available to the members of this subscription club. A full subscription - with the Triads in production so far - will get you some 30 new Alma Alexander stories - if your average Triad consists of about 10 000 words, give and take, as things stand right now with a full subscription you are in line for almost 100 000 new words!

There may be an option of a paperback book containing ALL the stories in the Triads, at the conclusion of the series. Inquire about the subscription option which guarantees you a copy of that book (but this is a threshold subscription, and it is ONLY guaranteed to happen if I have enough subscribers expressing an interest in the book.

I look forward to sharing my stories with you.

Subscription options

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