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Steampunk Sale!

I have a story in the upcoming anthology "In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk" - coming VERY soon to a bookseller near you!

Here's the TOC:

The Winter Court, by Bernie Mojzes
House of Automatons, by James Chambers
Drinking Down Death, by Jeff Young
Speaker For The Mayans, by Brenda Cooper
To Love And Hope, by C.J. Henderson
Little Girl With Pink Ribbons, by Stuart Jaffe
Scoundrel’s Magic, by James Daniel Ross
On The Wings Of An Angel, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
The Trans-Siberian, by A.C. Wise
The First Flight of the Valhalla, by Darren W. Pearce
The Case of the Duchess’s Dog, by Elektra Hammond
That Voo?Doo That You?Do, by Patrick Thomas
Iron and Brass, Blood and Bone, by Alma Alexander
Greater Crater Gremlins, by David Sherman

And the back blurb sez:

It’s a Mod, Mod World!

When there are gnomes among the gears, and the mists of magic mingle with
the steam of tech, you know you’ve entered a realm where fantasy and
science meet in an absolutely riveting collection of enchanting tales of
steampunk adventure.

In An Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk takes the best of both worlds and
melds them into fiction that will absolutely transport you.

This be the cover:

And I've had a glimpse of the insides - this is one seriously cool book.

Even if it didn't contain the first really "steampunk" story that yours truly has ever penned. And I do like this story, a great deal. It's a sort of Steampunk Faust... but read it and see...

Happy author. Now THIS is the kind of Rapture I can get behind.

Oh, yeah - and I am told it is available for pre-order right now. From here. Should you wish to do so.
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