anghara (anghara) wrote,

There and back again - that was Norwescon

Didn't do blow-by-blow or even day-by-day. Here's a summary.

* non-con-related but too precious not to share - watched a trio of kids playing "hide and seek" in an interior open courtyard of the hotel - kind of sparsely equipped with anything resembling a hiding place that would endure for longer than a few seconds - and I saw one of the kids, maybe six, climb up on top of the raised flower bed and crouch behind a few strands of ornamental grass blades and a thin scraggly tree with boughs no thicker than my wrist. The "seeking" kid saw him at once of course whereupon the hider said, "I was trying to blend in!" (okay. we had to leave. I was laughing too hard.)

*had the inaugural reading of the con - literally. 5 PM on the THursday afternoon. Was expecting rdeck and maybe an extremely loyal friend or two to turn up - I would have guessed that two thirds of the con hadn't even registered yet. But blow me down, I had TEN PEOPLE in the audience. And they seemed to like what they were hearing. In fact one of them came up afterwards and said to me, "Every time I read or hear one of your stories it gets me right here," tapping his heart. It was one of the nicest things anybody had ever said to me. The con was off to a WONDERFUL start.

* was on a worldbuilding panel that was a little...well...too HEAVILY moderated. When members of the audience come up after the panel to pick up on lines of discussion that had been chopped off in mid flight during the panel itself, you know you had a problem. But oh well. At least it got some conversations going.

* did a totally unscheduled live TV interview with a crew who was on the premises on Saturday. I am promised a link to it when I email the producer, which I haven't done yet - if link is forthcoming will somehow make sure it is disseminated to interested parties.

* had a bunch of good times with too many friends to list here, but they know who they are. Thank you, all. You make EVERY con a joy.

* finished off con with a panel entitled "Bad Writing, No Cookie" and a muchly hilarious time was had by all.

* took us forty minutes to get out of Seattle, and then another hour to get past Everett on the way home. Where were all these people GOING?!?

* home now. Cats happy. TOmorrow have to start getting on with the PILE of stuff on my desk that needs getting on with. The rest of this year, I can see it already now, is going to be an absolute BLUR and I'll wake up tomorrow morning, it will feel like, and it'll be Christmas morning. But for now it'll have to be enough that my lilacs have leafed out and are budding, that my lily of the valley bed is looking nice and fecund this year, that my peonies are sprouting, and that everything is gearing up for May.

This is your con catch-up post. More later when I've had a chance to get my head up from out of the immediate chores that need my attention. Tune in to this channel for further broadcasts as soon as they become available...

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