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A project worth your attention -

You may have heard about the Incident with the Anthology - where an author was told that her story was unacceptable because it did not toe the line of "conventional" romance and have a boy-meets-GIRL-and-lives-happily-ever-after thing going on. The author of the "controversial" story, offered the option of changing one of her two male love interest characters for the iconic female in order for her ALREADY ACCEPTED story to remain featured in the anthology, then took the courageous and fairly unprecedented step of withdrawing her story from the project - I say unprecedented because it is so rare to have this happen; authors with a confirmed sale are understandably not eager to lose their slot, and their paycheck, and possibly gain in exchange a reputation of being "difficult", by taking a stand of this sort.

But THIS author took a stand, and the stand was seen, and approved, and applauded, and a few other authors featured in the anthology pulled their own tales from the table of contents in solidarity. The controversy kind of unfolded around that, with people involved crying that it was all a big misunderstanding (after the story went viral on the Net) - but the damage was already done, and the anthology in question, haemorrhaging its authors, has probably gained a measure of fame and exposure, to be sure, but of ENTIRELY the wrong kind.

In the meantime, that left the original author and a handful of her colleagues with stories which once had a home but now walked the wilds of the world, adrift.

Enter Jim Hines, with a Plan.

I think it's a magnificent plan.

Go, read, support.

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