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Norwescon - coming up FAST - would you be looking for me there...?

If so, this is where you will (officially) find me:

*Thursday 5pm Cascade 3 Alma Alexander reads from her new work*

(and folks, I KNOW it's on Thursday afternoon and three quarters of you won't even be THERE yet - but if you ARE there, I'll be reading one of two things - a short story which is about to appear in a BRAND NEW and absolutely wonderful anthology called "Human Tales" (released at the end of this month) or the opening section from a BRAND NEW novel which is about to hit the shelves on August 1 this year - so please come - one way or another you'll be hearing stuff NOBODY'S EVER HEARD BEFORE...)

*Friday 5pm Cascade 5&6 World-Building Your Fantasy*

The best fantasy writers approach the world-building that lies behind their
stories with great seriousness. The ideal of fantasy is to offer an
experience of "What if?" wherein the reader can consider a world in which
magic has a real basis, or evil really is personified. But the fantasy
writer's model-building often also simplifies, reducing the experiment of
"What if?" to a bout of "I wish." How do we make it real?

*Susan R. Matthews, **Sam Sykes, Stina Leicht, Alma Alexander, M.H. (Maggie)
Bonham *

this should be good...

*Saturday 3pm Grand 2
Session 2*

*Patricia McKillip, Kinuko Y. Craft, Marie D. Jones, Jim Butcher, Shannon
Butcher, Lou Anders, Alma Alexander, Anina Bennett, S. A. Bolich, SatyrPhil
Brucato, Rob Carlos, Brenda Cooper, Nathan Crowder, James C. Glass, Roberta
Gregory, Paul Guinan, Eileen Gunn, Jay Lake, Stina Leicht, R.L.
McSterlingthong, Darragh Metzger, Joshua Palmatier, Kevin Radthorne, Cat
Rambo, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ken Scholes, Jack Skillingstead, G.Robin Smith,
Renee Stern, Rodney Thompson, K Wiley, Christine Winters, Stan!*

I'll be there. Would be nice if someone would wander past with something for me to sign - or just to say hi!)

*Sunday 11am Cascade 5&6 Bad Writing, No Cookie*

What makes a piece of writing... bad? What makes it so bad it’s funny?
(Think "Eye of Argon.") What sort of stuff should you avoid in order to
prevent your prose (inadvertently) becoming the next winner of the
Bulwer-Lytton award? Can you write badly on purpose...and should you?

*Cat Rambo, **Alma Alexander, Caren Gussoff, Jordan Lapp, Randy Henderson *

if you go to ONE panel this con, make it this one. It will be FUN. I PROMISE.

Plus two closed writer's workshop sessions...

Other than that I will be hanging around - in the restaurant, in the bar, around the hotel, at this or that party. You want to hear more about my new projects? Come talk to me! (if you buy me coffee I'll tell you secrets...)
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