anghara (anghara) wrote,

It's That Time of Year Again

My receipts and I are shortly going in to see my accountant in order to keep the IRS happily turning its cogs and wheels for another year. Then we need to go to a post office to get some 200 2c stamps (because we have at least 2 100-stamp rolls of the 37c stamps which are now obsolete) and possibly meander into a park so that rdeck can go for a long overdue walk (it's been just too wet and windy and muddy and generally semi-impossible for a man still not wholly steady on his feet on uneven ground to go for a wander since, oh, I don't know, well before Chrsitmas now).

So I will, as the Terminator said, be back. Later. After I finish all these chores and do some tweakery on chapter 3 and possibly write the first five paragraphs of chapter 4 just to keep myself basking in the warm glow of something resembling accomplishment...)
Tags: writing, writing life

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