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Announcing New Blog Series...

There are times and places we stumble into during our lives where the veil between the worlds seems thin and porous and you can glimpse, or feel, or hear, or just inchoately sense something else something other something DIFFERENT - something scary but often beautiful - on the other side.

For the next couple of months, at random intervals (I gotta keep you coming back here to compulsively keep checking for it, don't I? [grin]) I am going to have a Countdown of Six Places Where The Veil Is Thin. No I won't tell you what or where they are. Keep an eye on this blog and all shall be revealed.

I will, however, tell you one thing.

The final place I will write about in this series is a spot which has the distinction of being the setting for


my brand new novel, coming out August 1 as ebook and trade paperback from Sky Warrior Press owned and operated by the inestimable Maggie (M.H.) Bonham as publisher.

The novel is to be called "Midnight at Spanish Gardens". It's a story about how worlds end, and how they begin again, and about how the choices we are given to make can change everything in a heartbeat.

More to come. Stay tuned.
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