anghara (anghara) wrote,

Spam fun

THIS rocked up in my inbox this morning, labelled "To the job seekers" - and I reproduce it in its beautiful entirety:

The Fairy tales and miracles in this life are not a lot. But a personal plan to make a life beautiful is quite possible to create.

You will need:
1. Call us
2. With a help from the qualified specialists to choose the appropriate degree.
3. Wait a few weeks
You don’t have a time for education, you don’t have a job of your dream and you don’t have a perspective?
It is not surprising that many people start their career with a call to us because it is fast and promising!


+ 1 - xxx - xxx - xxxx

(EDIT: It's an international phone number. I am SO not going to reproduce it here.)

Please leave us the infarmation:
1) Your Name
2) Your Country
3) Telephone No. with country code if you are outside USA
Please Do Not Reply to this Email.
We do not reply to text inquiries, and our server will reject all response traffic.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

This is not a spam
If you don’t want to receive this message to your e-mail, call this number and refuse it - spell your e-mail

1) I DO love the English infelicities that come in an email purporting to get you the fairy tale job of your dreams - so long as you give them the "infarmation" they require

2) Adore the confident "THIS IS NOT SPAM". Oh, REALLY?... [grin]

3) And the finale - what makes it DIFFERENT - the twist of "do not reply to this email" and "call this number and refuse [this message]" folks, dudes, patsies, this is AN INTERNATIONAL CALL FROM THE USA, and you have to SPELL OUT YOUR EMAIL FOR THEM? Oh, likely. There's a much easier way - slap a spam filter on the sucker, and you've refused the message. Done, finito, and without accruing international phone call charges to your account or confirming your email as a live fish for further baiting.

REALLY. Sometimes you have to wonder. There are enough red flags here and enough "infarmation" to make any sane person run screaming. WHAT kind of fool responds to a message like this? And expects something GOOD to happen...?
Tags: spam idiots

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