anghara (anghara) wrote,

So - SNOW.

(yes, that icon is pretty much what things look like outside right now...)

I don't think the temperature has climbed above 27F all day (for us sane Celsiusers out there, I can't be bothered doing the conversion - you'd think that the Fahrenheit people would at least do something about THAT - but shall we say that if 32F is 0C then 27F pegs at something around -2 or -3 Celsius. In other words, it's been below freezing all day, and some (not all, but certainly some, which puts it in the realm of possibility) weather forecast services peg tonight's lows at somewhere around 11F. That's COLD.

I went out for a walk today with my neighbour across the street - it really is a winter wonderland but she, who owns a car equipped with studded winter tires, actually warned me off even THINKING about going anywhere because our roads are utterly slick and even SHE had trouble on the hills. So, until all this pretty goes away, I'm housebound. At least I have enough cat food. I may run out of birdseed completely though before I have a chance to replenish...

And somewhere on that walk, my camera just... DIED. The display just kept on flashing "Error 99" - which, when I got it home and consulted the camera handbook, came at the end of a list of other errors (Error 02, Error 04, Error 36, etc...) which are all fairly specific. Error 99 was listed as something that basically boiled down to, "none of the above". Which was really less than helpful.

I finally phoned Canon tech support, and their advice was to essentially dismantle the camers (take out memory card, battery, lens) and then re-set EVERYTHING to factory specification, and put it all back together again. I did, and now it seems to be working again. But sheesh. Just exactly what HAPPENED? (one of my theories is that I simply froze its little cogs and wheels off, in that cold cold cold day...) But there, that was my excitement for the day...

Back to work now. The novel awaits.

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