anghara (anghara) wrote,

This and that

Catching up to myself. Paid a bunch of bills (why are there always a bunch of bills to be paid?) - ran out on errands this morning (now have eggs in the house, and milk, and most importantly bird - er, make that squirrel - food which we were quite out of this morning.

Actually, the animal fodder store kinda made my day for me - we parked in front and were greeted by a raucous COCKADOODLEDOO! I said to rdeck, hey, they have a rooster stashed away someplace! And he said, pointing, "Right THERE!" - and indeed he was right there, the rooster, a very handsome one with dark green tail feathers and a bright red crest and a jaundiced look in his eye and MAN,he reminded me so much of the one my cousin and I used to chase around the farmyard when we were kids intent on one of those tail feathers (which that particular rooster, the one of my childhood, was understandably averse to providing and so he kept on running and looking, well, jaundiced, and we kept chasing, and it was a lot of fun...) And inside, in a cage on the cash register counter, a canary in a cage was singing his little heart out - and no, I have never wanted a bird as a pet, they just don't have the interactive je-ne-sais-quoi that dogs and cats do, but listening to this little guy I could understand why people might want to have him in the house. His song - even caged like he was, sitting on a little perch inside a room, simply coruscated with liquid sunshine and joy and an absolute and irrevocable optimism that sang, all is well, all is well, all manner of things will be well. (And then I came outside again and there he was again, that rooster, whooping it up and making me giggle. I could just see some long-suffering suburban neighbour afflicted with THIS next door, lying wide-eyed and prematurely awake at the crack of dawn while the lusty rooster crowed at the sun...)

It's raining.

I keep looking at Net news sites and the world is in turmoil all around me. I can just sit, and watch, and wait. And hope.

And OMIGOD it's almost the end of January. Come again? We just had New Year's Eve the day before yesterday, didn't we...?

Back to the new novel in progress. See y'all later. Those of you on my flist who are buried under snow - stay warm, stay safe. Hey, my daffodils are starting to sprout out in the front yard. Take heart. It's February, soon, and after that it's March, and spring. It's coming. It's just around the corner.

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