anghara (anghara) wrote,

Eagles Expedition

Went out hunting eagles again today, out on the Nooksack - and had reason to kick myself roundly because I had THOUGHT about the telephoto lens but hey, the best-laid plans of mice and men sometimes gang agley and turns out I just had the decent but distance-limited lens on the camera today and while we DID see eagles they were always just that LITTLE bit too far away, dammit, and I could have got some really good shots if I had thought to bring the proper equipment. Eh. Next time.

In the meantime I offer you a couple of insights into what COULD HAVE BEEN, but was alas less than perfect,

(This one was apparently after some salad, because he looked like he was eating the moss from the tree branch...)

....aaargh. They were all JUST THAT LITTLE BIT TOO FAR AWAY for my lens to cope with the distance. Telephoto next time. For sure.

Still. Eagles. What can you say. {delighted grin]
Tags: wildlife report

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