anghara (anghara) wrote,

So, then, welcome 2011...

We started it with a "under the kitchen sink" floodlet, so practically the first person to walk into our house in the new year was a plumber. Oh well. Let us just take this as an old superstition, and assume that it means that money will be flowing like water this year...

The temperature touched freezing - BRIEFLY - today; other than that it's been more or less the inside of your average domestic freezer since, uh, since last year... forecast sites seem confused about the matter, and one of them is forecasting a low of *14* tonight while the others tend to hover around the 25 range. Either way, brrrrrr. Our deck is a skating rink - but at least it's been dry and the roads are okay because tomorrow we have a medical appt to get to. But after that things seem to be on target to warm up slightly so that will be good...

We're gearing up for Christmas (yes, Christmas. I'm Orthodox. Our Christmas is on January 7. I get two Christmases a year. How lucky is that...?) This year the TV guides failed to mention the actual time when my annual Vienna New Year's Day concert would be broadcast, and as a consequence I missed out on damn near half of it - but I got to hear my beloved Beautiful Blue Danube, and I cried (again), and all's right with the world so far.

So, then. New year. Full of days, and of things that need to be done.

I've this new novel that I am working on. I've been kinda procrastinating about it for a while because I couldn't grasp it by the rather slippery beginning - but I think I have it now, and I'm going to keep the momentum going, which is where I'll be if you don't see me hanging around here. But - for when I do hang around here - I'll make this a (screened) open comment thread. Is there something that you would like to see me write about on this blog this year? Is there something you might want to see me work into another "series", like I did with the museums last year? Comments are open, and I'll be listening.

In the meantime - happy new year to all - may all your resolutions come true, and your dreams follow in their wake - and we're in this now. 2011. Bring it on.

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