anghara (anghara) wrote,

Life With Cats, New Year's Eve Edition

Me: Hey, kittens! Happy new year, real soon! You just turned seven a few days ago - you're gonna be EIGHT at the end of this year - wanna be kittens for a little longer? Wanna play? Here - dangle - SHINY!!!

Cat 1 (lying with her belly against the heater, all four feet underneath, looking up and yawning): Whuh? Whut was that? Someone dangle a ribbon at my nose?

Cat 2 (in window cradle, looking vaguely uneasy): Noises? Noises out?...

Me. Just fireworks. Want to come play?

Cat 1: Lady, it's TWENTY THREE DEGREES OUTSIDE. If you ask me, it isn't much warmer in here. Why can't you crank up the thermostat up to 70? Yes, 70. That would be good.

Cat 2 (still unconvinced): But there's NOISES.

Me (resignedly): Ribbon? Pretty dangly shiny thing? Ribbon?...

Cat 1: Look, I'll be in later - whenEVER you decide to go to bed - and I'll be under the covers. You may pet me then. If you're still awake. Until then... please... it's nice and warm. We'll save the ribbons for another time. There, there, I can pretend to be a kitten later on. Right now, I'm warm, and I'm SLEEPING. See you later.

Me: But *I* will be sleeping later...

Cat 1 (putting head back down and closing eyes): Mmmmfmmmmrow.

Cat 2: ...noises...?

Well. I'm off to watch a bit of silly TV, waiting for the witching hour to come round. See you all next year.

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