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And while we're on the subject -

- it's that time of year, isn't it - a couple of my writerish friends are throwing open the Direct Purchase Bookstore, so here;s my Christmas offerings if you're thinking about getting someone in your life a book-shaped present for under the tree...

"Hidden Queen" and "Changer of Days", high fantasy duology, $15 for the set *ONLY 1 SET AVAILABLE!*

"The Secrets of Jin Shei", first edition HC - now out of print, but still with the most beautiful cover of them all - $20 - THREE COPIES AVAILABLE

"The Secrets of Jin Shei" - British paperback - DIFFERENT cover - $10 - FOUR AVAILABLE

Worldweavers #1: Gift of the Unmage and Worldweavers #2: Spellpam - first edition hardcovers - both now out of print in these particular editions - $16 per individual volume, $30 for a set containing one of each - AVAILABILITY: 3 copies of #1, 6 copies of #2

Worldweavers #2: Spellspam - paperback edition - $5 - 10 AVAILABLE

Dutch edition of "Embers of Heaven" ("De Gouden Hemel") - I've several authors copies of these - they are really beautiful but I can't read 'em so if you know any Dutch-speakers who might be interested gimme a holler.

A reminder - I also have a few copies of "Ships $ Shoes & Sealing Wax" in hand still, in time to make the Christmas mail, if that's something you want to do.

Transport costs may very well vary depending on what books you might pick, so we'll discuss that if/when you pick the books you want, inasmuch as it applies to every individual order.

I can accept payment through PayPal (total costs + an additional 4% to cover PP fees) or checks.

In addition, if you already own any of my books but wish to have them signed, send me a note with a SASE and I will send you signed bookplates to stick into those books. This will cost you no more than the price of the envelopes and the postage involved - the bookplates I am providing as a Public Service...

As usual, comments are screened - leave your name and address and contact email and what you're wanting, and I'll get back to you once I figure out the postage costs involved...

Orders for Christmas delivery accepted for the next two weeks; after that, with the madness of Christmas mail in full swing, I can't GUARANTEE that things might not be a tad late (although if they are you always have the option of sticking an envelope containing a printout of the cover of the book you've chosen and a scrawled "Your present is on the way!" on the back of it into the recipient's stocking...)
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