anghara (anghara) wrote,

Funny. Yeah. That.

Yeah, hilarious.

Aren't stereotypes always hilarious?...

Except when you don't know enough about them to even make a joke about it... but you "knew" enough to wade in and destroy something anyway. Take a GOOD look at the area of that-which-used-to-be-Yugoslavia on most of these maps - "uncharted" - really...? And then take an even better look at the final one, where the region is "Retrofitted" with a moniker used to rationalise its destruction, post-fact.

Stereotypes, eh. They're funny to laugh at, but they come from SOMETHING. Under all the tittering there's a whiff of truth, as always.

It still hurts to look at a modern atlas. It's only funny when you haven't lost it all.

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