anghara (anghara) wrote,

Okay, it isn't QUITE a meme -

- but I found it an interesting idea to think about. Thanks to crowleycrow for mentioning it.

In a nutshell, here's a bunch of headings under which to describe your own personal Eden:

Landscape: Old-growth forests (think California redwoods) with high mountains behind me and the ocean below.

Climate: temperate, with seasons. I do want snow but I don't want to be BURIED in it - and I definitely do not want any form of high humidity quotient. My perfect climate? Cool nights (cool enough for a quilt) and days that range between 24 - 28 degrees Celsius (work it OUT Fahrenheit people. I don't know. I think in metric.)

Ethnic origin of inhabitants: anywhere at all. My Eden might well contain folks from this world and from worlds beyond, too. I'd love to share my Eden, for instance, with G'Kar of Narn...

Language: again, anything at all (so long as there was a Universal Translator available...

Weights and measures: I'd like to say "eclectic", but since only metric makes instinctive sense to me I'll go with that, thanks...

Religion: in one sense Wicca has it: An it harm none, do what ye will. In my Eden, what you believe is your own to believe. Do not force your faith on others, do not allow others to force their faith unto you, the deity speaks in many voices and it is not up to you to decide which one is "best". Believe and be free.

Size of capital: more than a village. less than New York.

Form of government: leader chosen by lottery, from amongst those who do NOT volunteer - anyone who wants to be president or king is automatically disqualified from the running...

Sources of natural power: I'd like to say faery magic [grin] but failing that, the wind and the sun and the stars...

Economic activities: production of food, production of art, and exportation of healing magic to those who are not fortunate enough to share the Eden with me...

Means of transport: thought-powered transporter - THINK yourself somewhere, and you are there. Absolutely NO taking off shoes for security purposes.

Architecture (State and Domestic): Tardis (i.e. bigger inside than outside). I'd have a community of tiny thatch-roofed cottages, for instance, which might contain a Bodleian library within. That, leavened by something grand and inspiring and breathtaking and turreted and high and sky-reaching. Just for the purpose of taking one's breath away.

Domestic furniture and Equipment: functional, comfoortable, and NEVER breaking down. Soft carpet on hardwood floors; comfy armchairs; lots of bookshelves; houses which keep themselves clean (but not to excess)

Formal Dress: rich jewel-colours, understated elegance rather than overwhelming opulence.

Sources of Public Information: a perfect library which is easily accessible from long distance and open to all (something very much like, but not entirely identical to, the Internet...)

Public Statues: I have NO idea. But if people wanted garden gnomes they can certainly have them.

Public Entertainments: I'm a story teller - so, that. In all its forms. Written, performed, danced, sung. Give me a good story and I'm already in Eden, even now.

What's your paradise?

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