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July blogathon #9: The Archaeology of Desks

Yes, well, mine has progressed to somewhere between Accreted Piles of Stuff for Defunct Projects to Full Nuclear Apoclaypse Fallout, and needed doing something to. So I spent some time this morning, um, excavating.

I KNOW I am not the only one to suffer from this particular syndrome. The turth is, however, I do generally know where I've put things - which quadrant, at the very least, I need to be in when I need to lay my hands on anything in particular. I had a professor at University who was far more appallingly bad at this - I remember one time, when his desk threatened to keel over in a major paper landslide and tidying up became not so much advisable but mandatory for survival. He disappeared into his office do tackle this and that was the last anyone saw of him for several hours - one might have started to assume that the pile of paper had actually eaten him alive. But he emerged, semi-victorious, some time later waving a tiny piece of paper triumphantly and declaring that he had FINALLY found that important thing that he had mislaid back in 1984. The current year... was 1987.

At least I'm not THAT bad.


As far as the current adventure with my own desk goes, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that I found no forgotten and buried bills which needed to be paid two years ago, or stuff that was on its way to acquiring a consciousness and becoming Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It. The bad news is that I did find at least one address to which things should have been sent last month (and that shall be remedied forthwith). And I also have a brand new little pile of "I need to deal with this" - addresses of contacts which need to be filed, iffy receipts which could fall on this side or that of a tax deduction and need decisions made on them, stuff like that. But at least I can actually see the surface of my desk again, which is good... because I'm about to start on not one, not two, but THREE new projects at once - a new novel, a non-fiction project of which more shall be said here on this very blog ASAP (as soon as I have stuff sufficiently together), and an interactive online project about which also more when it actually goes live - which I hope won't be too long now. I know, I know. Never rains but pours. It's good to be busy, no...?

Oh well - let me go back and sort that last small pile that's thumbing its nose at me right now. After that, I shall go upstairs, have some dinner, watch some mindless TV. Tomorrow is another day - another week - and I already have a list of two phone calls that need to be made tomorrow morning before I do anything else.

At least I"ll have a clean desk to work from.

Come on, fess up. What was the strangest thing you never expected to find in long-overdue tidy-ups of your offices...?
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