anghara (anghara) wrote,

Feh. Feh, I say.

There will be a new season of Torchwood.

Alas, here's a couple of quotes from the article (emphasis mine):

"The fourth season of "Torchwood" will not air on BBC America; it will debut next summer on Starz in the United States and on BBC One in the U.K."

I LOVE this series. But frankly I can't afford to subscribe to a pricey pay chanel ON TOP OF MY CURRENT CABLE BILL in order to watch it. So cutting it out of BBC America, which is accessible to me in my current cable package, is not very nice. What next, are they going to yank Doctor Who there too? What, those of us without oodles of money aren't good enough to watch the series any more...?

And further -

" this new partnership with Starz, the next chapter will not only reward our current fans, but also introduce new viewers to the most impressive installment yet,” said Jane Tranter, EVP, BBC Worldwide Productions. “Chris Albrecht and his team are committed to delivering quality premium programming to their subscribers, also a core attribute of the BBC, and we are excited to be working with them as the ‘Torchwood’ adventure continues.” "

People, how does cutting your current fans out of the loop REWARD them? You might be getting new fans, that's for sure - but I can't be the only one who will regretfully have to give up the pleasure of watching Torchwood if you slap an extra price sticker on it. Rewarding your current fans? If you want to do this, broadcast the sucker on a channel that those who are ALREADY fans ALREADY receive. Anything other than that... feh. Feh, I say.
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