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To each and every recipient of the $10 BILLION dividend paid out to shareholders byBP...

Enjoy your money.

Every time you buy an expensive cup of yuppie coffee with the proceeds of your dividend, think of this

Every time you shell out lots of moolah on a new pair of shoes to join the dozens already in your wardrobe, think of this

Every time you sit back on a lounger in a luxury resort on a vacation paid for by that money, think of this

Or go here, or here, just to remind yourself.

If you've any heart or conscience you'd take that check and send it straight to some environmental or government agency or volunteer organization or research facility where they are working to try and stem this tide of death. Do you have any idea how much TEN BILLION DOLLARS would buy?

Better still, BP, stop spending another red cent on PR or advertising - it's way oh so WAY too late for that! - and put all those millions into trying to repair the wreckage in your wake. Your CEO should donate a year's salary, AT LEAST, to this. And those golden bonuses which I am sure he is still getting (bonuses for WHAT?!) I heard another choice quote today. The BP head honcho was saying that there was plenty of fallout over this, but "... I have a pretty good kevlar jacket, and I'm pretty unscathed."

Scathe him, someone. PLEASE scathe him. Please. He is the head of the company. The buck stops with him. At the very least, the VERY least, run him out of town on a rail - there should be plenty of both tar and feathers on the beaches of the Gulf to do this thing properly.

With great power and privilege comes great responsibility. Make him take responsibility for this:


Make someone take responsibility.

Make it stop.

And people? Out here in the USA? If you get wind that your elected representative is one of those who is advocating offshore drilling anywhere else, please send that representative some of these photographs. And ask them to imagine that the pictures came from a place that was dear to their own heart.
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