anghara (anghara) wrote,

The end of days

I've been watching the Gulf situation. Watching it start bad, and then get worse, and worse, and worse, and there are no signs of it ending.

The latest is the possibility that the spill may be big enough to wreak major havoc if it gets into the Gulf Stream, which is by no means an impossibility right now.

We may have done more than just poisoned the Gulf of Mexico for at least a generation, if not several, to come. We might have poisoned all of our oceans, and we might have set the stage for a dramatic climate change if the Gulf Stream quits on us.

There is no punishment that is adequate for this. Putting responsible officials in jail is lamentably petty, given the magnitude of what they may potentially have done.

And yet... and yet... what is the response of the US COngress?


Am I really the only one sitting here with my head in my hands? Is the human race really so dumb, so ignorant, so blind, so petty, so greedy, as to CONTINUE DOING THE THING WHICH MAY SPELL THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, if not tomorrow then a year or three from now? There was already a UN report that there may be fishless seas by 2050 - that's in my own lifetime - will those of us who remember the bountiful Earth be curiosities, and our children and grandchildren, if they survive at all, will curse us into the endless torments of hell for what we have wrought for them to cope with?

Will there BE a human civilisation forty years from now?

Or should we all just drink the cyanide now...?

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