anghara (anghara) wrote,


Took out Fluffy Prince in my arms to the deck, where one of the little Douglas squirrels was waxing eloquent outrage from the feeder.

I swear, the cat and I got to within a foot of that ornery little squirrel... who didn't give an inch. In fact he turned around and started yelling at us.

The cat uttered noises that were midway between outrage, apprehension, bafflement and (at least in part) a question of "where the heck is my ceiling, I am not within four walls, get me outta here..."

The squirrel was left in possession of the battlefield. The cat continued to observe it from the safe vantage point of behind the screen door.

Two small furry critters. VERY aware of one another. This was kind of awesome.

(Although the cat probably feels a little frustrated...)
Tags: wildlife report

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