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Get your own ideas!

Seriously - what's up with this? After a whole series of Jane Austen rip-offs (beginning with the Pride and Prejudice with Zombies abomination) that particular motherlode seems to have been exhausted and now we're onto the Brontes. The latest I've seen advertised is "Jane Slayre", Jane Eyre as vampire slayer I am guessing, Jane Eyre as Buffy, When they run out of the Bronte material, what next, Georgette Heyer? (They've already started on Louisa May Alcott, as far as I know, with Little Women squarely in the bullseye...) YE GODS AND LITTLE FISHES!!!

These writers, you know, they're dead and they can't defend themselves. This doesn't mean that anything written by somebody who wrote before the advent of the typewriter is now fair game for predators who can't seem to be able to come up with at least a semi-original idea of their own. This is no more than BAD FAN FICTION. Really. If I wanted to read about zombies or vampires in the Austen/Bronte/Heyer eras I'd find a book that is about that as opposed to taking characters that have been known and loved AS THEY ORIGINALLY EXIST and basically zombifying them. There is no accounting for taste I suppose but if I were in the industry as an editor or an agent anybody who presented me with a book like this would have been sent packing with a flea in their ear - give me something YOU have written, as opposed to adulterated, and we'll talk. Maybe.

Every writer out there will tell you, in some way shape or form, that ideas are plentiful and free. Why then do certain "authors" not go and find some that are their own?...


Okay. I"ll go and get some more coffee now and calm down.
Tags: rant
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