anghara (anghara) wrote,

Netfllix, SERIOUSLY!

Well, Netflix and a bunch of other people but Netflix is the most egregious that I've seen.

I've got a thing on Firefox that BLOCKS POPUPS, ferchrissakes. I've done that for a REASON. If I go to a website I am going to that website because I wish to see something there, and I do NOT want to have a large Netflix (now try us for FREE!!!!) bleating popup screen come between me and what I wish to look at. Netflix - and others who do this idiotic thing - listen up: I AM NOT ANY MORE LIKELY TO BUY YOUR STUFF OR USE YOUR SERVICES IF YOU SHOVE THEM DOWN MY THROAT OR MY EYEBALLS OE MY COMPUTER WITH A SHOVEL. Get out of my face. Pushing a popup ad on me - even overriding the way I've set up my browser for the specific purpose of not wanting to see popup ads - is not likely to endear you to me. On the contrary, every time I see that obnoxious chirpy Netflix "try me try me try me" adlet I am reminded yet again of how little I wish to patronise Netfilx, and the more I see that ad the less likely I become to ever ever ever ever do so.

SO take heed advertisers. Obnoxious and push =/= sale. All you've achieved is for the name "netflix" to set my teeth on edge. Was that REALLY what you wanted to do?
Tags: rant

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