anghara (anghara) wrote,

My email is down.

My outbox tells me my messsages go OUT but I have no way of knowing even THAT because the ones I send to myself as test messages don't get here so I don't know if they ever even left. I KNOW I haven't got email from at least one person who has SAID that he would be emailing me. I haven't had any email for getting on for 20 hours now, according to the date-stamp on my last message.

And people, it's killing me. I keep on obsessively checking the damned inbox to see if anything is in there but nothing - nothing - nothing. I have this awful feeling that the rest of the world is out there DOING things and I'm being left out.

DAMMIT. Soon. It had better come back soon. Or I'll start snarling. It's amazing how much you are completely unaware of the presence of something... until it turns into an absence, and then kind aches like a tooth whose filling just fell out.

Please, gods of the internet. Please can I have my email back...? I'll be good...

In other news, LJ is no longer talking to my Facebook and nothing I do seems to make any difference. LJ keeps on telling me that I need to be "logged on" with Facebook. WHICH I AM. But nothing seems to convince LJ of this fact.

Why does the Internet hate me?
Tags: the shape of addiction

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