anghara (anghara) wrote,

How to lose your mind, volcanically

So, just to lull you in -

I got up Very Early (for me), grabbed a couple of slices of bread and butter and jam for breakfast, no coffee (too much drama to make it just before I leave the guest house), and I hit the road. I get to the Kingston ferry terminal and the lady selling my my ticket goes, "The boat's waiting for you!" And sure enough there's the ferry, sitting there, waiting to leave. So I roll onto the ferry, literally without a pause, and the ferry leaves; I hit Edmonds at something like 8:20 or so, gain the highway, and am home just before 10 AM even after I stopped on the way to get mail. I pull in to my driveway and not ten seconds after I've taken out my suitcase from the trunk my folks arrive.

Timing, yes? Everything is in the timing...

Segue to the bloody volcano.

Phone calls are burning up the wires between us and our intended visitor. SHE says everything is grounded. The airport site that I access hedges its bets. The airline site, when her flights are plugged in, reports that they are LEAVING ON SCHEDULE. This, you will agree, is unlikely given the situation in Europe right now - but that's what the airline says, and what, they don't update their site in this crisis? Where are passengers supposed to find the most up-to-date information except from the horse's mouth?

More phone calls scheduled for tonight. I have no clue what will happen next. Will they just re-book her for a week or two weeks later? Will things be back to normal then? Who guarantees this? According to some sites the last eruption of this ^%*(#&$ volcano lasted TWO YEARS...

So here we are. The passenger says the hatches are battened down and nothing is flying. The hub airport isn't sure. And the airline is telling me everything will be just fine.

The sixty four million dollar questions is, am I supposed to go FETCH her on Tuesday, or not...?!
Tags: frustration

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